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Approach to Safety

We take pride and care in what we do. Much too often, a quick delivery is made resulting in mistakes and near misses. We take the time and energy required to complete a customer transaction with our exceptional safety culture. Check. Double Check.


From the Horse’s Mouth

Each highway involved mission will utilize a dispatch to assist the Horsemen (drivers) to ensure the safety and operating policies are upheld to highest practical degree, enabling better communication between the client (you) and our team.
Through the use of paper and digital FLHA’s (Field Level Hazard Assessments), our Horsemen and Dispatch can identify the nature of each individual mission and its specific hazards and challenges so we can either eliminate or mitigate any risk.

Our Culture is Leadership

Our approach to safety is to guarantee that the integrity of our personnel, assets, and the environment is protected to the best of our ability. We have employed experienced professionals specific to the Oil, Gas, and Mining industry in order to assist in our development of safe work practices, policies, and procedures.
Through the use of Field Level Hazard Assessments, journey management program, two-point communication system, leading edge modern technology (GPS, Geo-Fencing, push notification), our safety culture is safety leadership.

Our safety standards are built by the following:

  • Safe Work Practices & Safe Job Procedures
  • Journey Management & Communications
  • Fleet Management Program
  • Field Level Hazard Assessments
  • Drug & Alcohol Program According to the Canadian Model
  • Highway Emergency Protocols