• About US

    About Us

Locally and Aboriginally Owned

Iron Horse is Alberta Strong. A company whose grassroots are in Fort McMurray, AB. and is also owned, controlled and operated by First Nations leadership.

Iron Horse Delivery is specifically dedicated to light duty hauling services.


We are a company that strives to build relationships with many of Western Canada’s First Nations. We understand that each First Nation is distinct in its own unique history, traditions, languages, capabilities, and challenges. These are only some of the many elements that have shaped the cultural identity and heritage of each nation; we believe each must be respected and protected.

We seek to improve upon social well-being, cultural preservation, and economic prosperity of neighboring nations. It is part of our mission to recruit and retain working relationships that promote healthy community relations and encourages positive growth within the workforce.

“It’s what you choose to do right now that makes a difference”

The Horsemen

Our drivers are developing professionals. Always fit for duty and trained in the art of safety.
Iron Horse incentivizes career development through the continual encouragement and nurturing of skills and experience to ensure our clients have peace of mind that our Horsemen are competent and qualified to succeed.

Our professional drivers level up in our employee value proposition as they perform their duties with:

  • Cargo & Load Securement Training
  • Wildlife, Winter and Defensive Driving Courses.
  • Use of Procedures, FLRA’s, Inspections.
  • Field Experience.
  • TDG & WHMIS Certification.

Looking for a Strategic Partner?

Our business is open to developing working relationships with those who require scheduled Light Duty Hauling in Alberta. Contact us now to discuss any overlapping opportunities.